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How to Do the Perfect Smoky Eye

Posted on December 06, 2013 by Crown the Shop

The smoky eye is sultry, alluring, and enigmatic but it doesn't have to be hard. 

With this quick guide to the perfect smokey eye you will soon be applying your eye makeup like a pro.  Simply gather your supplies and give yourself ample time to prepare for a night out. 

You will need:

1.  Eye cream

2.  Neutral color eye shadow

3.  Concealer or liquid foundation

4.  Dark eye liner

5.  Dark Eye Shadow Color



1.  Primer

2.  Medium Eye Shadow Color

3.  Brow Pencil


Step 1- Preparation

Apply eye cream in the area above and give it a few minutes to absorb.  If you wish you can apply primer over the eye cream at this time.  Also, wash your hands with soap and warm water at this time.

*We recommend styling your hair first as the heat from the blow dryer could melt your makeup. 


Step 2- Concealer

Use your finger to gently pat concealer all around the eye area until there are no stripes or streaks.  The eye area is sensitive and any harsh swipes will wipe away your concealer and moisturizer.  Don't have concealer?  Use a lighter colored liquid foundation or even your regular liquid foundation in a pinch.


Step 3- Add a Neutral Eye Shadow Color as the Base


Using a foam eye shadow applicator or the tip of your ring finger, carefully add your base color to the entire lid.  The base color should be a light, neutral color preferably with a bit of shimmer.  We recommend light golds, variations of white, or light pinks.  Choose a shade that will compliment your darker eye shadow color well. 


Step 4- Add Eye Liner

Carefully line the inner eye with black eye liner.  We find that using a black pencil is easiest but you can use a small angled brush with powder, gel, or liquid liner as well.  Take your time and keep a tissue nearby in case your eyes are sensitive.

Also line the outer part of the eye on the top and the bottom.  If you make any mistakes use a very small dab of concealer and a tissue or q tip to gently erase them. 


Step 5- Smudge and Apply the Darkest Eye Shadow Shade

Using a foam tip applicator or q tip, carefully smudge the eye liner so there aren't any hard lines. 

Then, add a dark eye shadow the is complimentary to your base color to just the area right above your eye.  We recommend using your finger or a small foam tip brush for accuracy and control.  Be careful not to add too much to either corner of the eye. 


Step 6- Add the Highlighting Light Color

Using a small foam tip applicator, your ring finger, or a small eye shadow brush, add a light reflective eye shadow to the inner corner of your eye and just below the eye brow. 

Preferably this color would be lighter than your base color but you could also use your same base color and just blend it more so that it will be lighter. 

The highlighter color will draw out your smokey eye. 


Step 7- Apply the Medium Color Eye Shadow Shade to the crease.

To keep your eyes from looking too harsh, add a color that is slightly lighter than the darkest family but in the same family to the crease of your eye and blend it slightly up and inward in a circular motion. 

*You could also blend your dark shade with your lighter base color to achieve a shade that is lighter and in the same color family. 

The crease should be darkest at the outermost corner of the eye and gradually getting softer as you move towards the brow and the center of your lid.

Softly blend the eye shadows with your finger or foam tip applicator to ensure there are no hard lines between the dark lid shade, the medium crease shade and the highlighter on the brow.


Step 8- Define the Brows

If your eye brows are on the thin side or very light, use a brow pencil to add definition and balance to your smoky eye look.  Also, press your fingers over your eye brows to make sure they are clean of any eye shadow.

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