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About Us

In 2004, when dress designer and makeup artist Moni Miller persuaded then seventeen year old daughter Gabrielle to enter Seventeen Magazine's Colour of the Year Contest, Crown the Shop was then deigned inevitable.

Gabrielle went on to win the prestigious honor with her award winning nationwide sell out color Cry Baby. Together with her new design cohort, the two created a a line of one of a kind punk, party dresses, a full line of luxe eye shadow colors mixed by hand, chic cosmetics, and edgy, fabulously adorned headbands.

While they had their brick and mortar shop for many years, crybabycouture.com was born to reach women worldwide who are seeking vintage style dresses, party dresses, and more.

We want our products to delight you and be among your favorite pieces in your wardrobe. Please 'like' our Facebook page to join our community of lovers of fashion.

Top Left:  Gabrielle mixes eye shadows while modeling a Cry Baby Couture original couture headband. 

Top Right:  Handcrafted eye shadows made by Cry Baby Couture

Bottom:  Model Tamra enjoying the dresses in the shop.

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