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How are your dresses sized?

Our dresses are generally in Juniors or Young Contemporary sizes.  Unless otherwise noted our sizes are approximately:
Size Small- Dress Sizes 1-4
Size Medium- Dress Sizes 5-8
Size Large- Dress Sizes 9-12
If you are broader in your shoulders or have a larger bust size and are between sizes, we strongly recommend sizing up to the next size.  For instance, a size 8 with a larger C or D cup would want to choose the size large.

What is the quality of your dresses?

Our customers often comment on the high quality of our dresses for their price.  We strive to carry clothing of excellent quality, style, and construction.  Our dresses can be worn many times as part of your closet rotation and still look great. 

How do I wash my dresses?

We recommend following the care instructions on the tag of your individual dress, however, in many cases you can just spot clean under the arms or wherever there may be dirt to maintain your dress in between washes.  This saves time and water, is good for the planet, and will keep all of your clothes looking newer for longer!  Read this article in the Wallstreet Journal called Americans Use Too Much Laundry Detergent.


Eye Shadows

I have never used your eye shadows before, what exactly am I missing?


How do I apply eye shadow?

Are your eye shadows easy to apply?

How long will each eye shadow last?

How long will the eye shadow stay on?

What makes your eye shadows special?